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Lessons learned: TGRAINS household interview study Interim Report

30 September 2020

The TGRAINS Interview study is a longitudinal study to find out whether or not building relationships between people and the source of their food impacts household food culture. To do this, we have interviewed households that have recently joined a community-supported agriculture (CSA) scheme and we are following these households over time to see how they change the food activities. To compare, we have also interviewed households not a part of a CSA— we refer to these households as our Control Group. Click below to read about some of our initial findings.

Covid-19 and the Food System

Dr. Angelina Sanderson-Bellamy discussed the Covid-19 effects on the Food System in the new Sustainable Places Institute’s podcast. Together with the researchers Alice Taherzadeh, Dr. Hannah Pitt and Dr. Poppy Nicol, they analyse events such as empty supermarket shelves, closed restaurants, increased demand for local veg boxes and farm labour to show how food clearly is a key issue to consider in the current pandemic. You can access it by clicking here.

Farmers Under Fire

Watch Dr Angelina Sanderson Bellamy explains how wide is the concept of sustainability and how it plays the consumers decision when shopping food in the TV show “Wales This Week” from iTV.

Farmers Under Fire: “For generations farming has been part of our national identity. But with the industry under fire like never before, Wales This Week assesses the perfect storm facing Welsh agriculture.”

A Welsh Food System Fit for Future Generations

The report from Sustainable Places Research Institute commissioned by WWF Cymru highlights how an integrated food system should look in accordance with the goals and objectives of The Well-being of Future Generations Act. Access the full report prepared by Dr Angelina Sanderson Bellamy and Professor Terry Marsden.